Hey there world,


My name is Aaron A. Allen and I'm an American Graphic Designer. I was born in Alexandria, Virginia, United States and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia, United States. Both of my parents are from Jamaica so I have a caribbean heritage. I always knew when I was little that I wanted to be in the art industry. I chose to be a Graphic Designer because I have always been fascinated with logo designs and companies branding.


In 2010 when I was a senior in high school, I took a class called "Computer Graphics". I did research about the field and I became passionate in Graphic Design. I enrolled at the Art Institute of Washington in 2010 then graduated and received my Bachelor's degree in 2013.


I was able to achieve my Bachelor's degree in 3 years at the age of 21 years old. I want the world to see my design as a message that is understandable to the average person. I want to bring good quality work.